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During my time as an undergrad Biology student at the University of Puerto Rico, I worked in a Developmental Biology laboratory studying lens regeneration in newts
(Notophthalmus viridescens). Check out the photo below.

Lens regeneration in newts is a fascinating process. When the lens is removed, it regenerates in 35 days. The lost tissue is replaced by adult cells in the dorsal iris that
transdifferentiates into a brand new lens.

So, what’s transdifferentiation? It is the change of a cell type in a tissue or organ into another tissue or organ.

Fast forward to 2020. This memory suddenly came to mind. As I reflected on it, wondering why it had suddenly come to my awareness, I had an “aha!” moment.
I began my intentional growth journey in 2019. For years I had focused on my professional development while ignoring my personal development.

My mentor Paul Martinelli often says, “Isn’t it interesting?” I asked myself this question and began a deeper reflection.

Isn’t it interesting that as an undergraduate student I worked in a laboratory studying lens regeneration?

Isn’t it interesting that 23 years later, I am working on my personal growth and development?

Finally, isn’t it interesting that I have been going through my own process of transdifferentiation?

In my process of transdifferentiating, I have:

  1. Changed old beliefs into new beliefs.
  2. Designed my life.
  3. Changed negative thoughts into positive thoughts.
  4. Changed negative attitudes into positive attitudes.
  5. Changed old habits into new habits.
  6. Reprogrammed my mind.

So, my question to you is, how are you transdifferentiating on your own personal growth journey?

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