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Your Coach: Dr. Anitza San Miguel

Trust, believe, and take action


My name is Dr. Anitza San Miguel, and I am a certified coach, scientist, wife, mother, and God-fearing woman. My purpose in life is coaching female leaders towards discovering, developing, and maximizing their true potential.

Growing up in Puerto Rico to parents who never attended college, I didn’t have many scientists in my life to look up to. But my passion for science propelled me forward as I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology, and a doctorate in Higher Education Administration, all despite challenges, stereotypes, and skepticism.

Throughout my own career and intentional growth journey, mentors and coaches have guided me and asked me the hard but necessary questions to heighten my awareness. Now I’m here to be that person for you. 

Are You Ready To Begin Your Transformational Journey?

 Contact me to learn more.


Transformational Life Coaching

I work one on one with female leaders who are ready to discover and develop their true potential. Are you ready?

Online Programs

I support female leaders through virtual workshops and by offering mentoring and encouragement in my free Facebook community. Join us here.


As a certified coach, speaker and trainer, I am available for workshops, book studies and training sessions in support of individuals and organizations committed to transformational growth. Sign up for our next workshop here.

Work With Me

Are you ready to commit to your intentional growth journey? I would love to support and guide you towards uncovering your true potential. Contact me to learn more.


Estas Tarjetas son mis compañeras de Viajes.
Es un regalo con Propósito para hacerme una Mejor Persona, Un Mejor Padre, Un Mejor Esposo, Un Mejor Hijo, Un Mejor Empresario. Me está ayudando a reflexionar cada día la grandeza que Dios puso en mí y a dar esos pasos hacia una mejor experiencia en mi viaje. Agradecido Infinitamente Viajera Anitza. Dios Te Bendiga.
Powerful journal

“More than tool to focus, it is a tool to align our life purpose. Navegador has helped me pause and reflect on what is really important for my life, my projects and everything that is a priority for me. It has also being for my family, since together we do question and answer sessions that allow us to dig deeper about who we are and what is truly important. Thanks to this powerful journal I have been able to refine my purpose and my priorities.”

Beautiful gift

“The reflection cards and the “Navegador” have been a beautiful gift in my life. As a child I always kept a journal, and this helped me a lot to work with my anxiety and depression. I stopped writing for a long time and now that I’ve done it again with this clear guide and thought-provoking questions, I feel like I’m freeing myself from negative thoughts as I write. Both the cards and the journal helped me understand myself better and to celebrate each time I take a step towards my personal growth.”

Great Experience

I found the interactive Zoom experience in this workshop (Reflective Journaling) more engaging than the usual webinar format. It was a safe place to ask questions and not feel pressured because I am new to the practice.

A Real Treat

This workshop (Reflective Journaling) was a real treat and I’m glad I took the time to attend. The strategies Anitza offered were very practical and simple, yet easy to apply and follow daily. I’m now finally able to practice reflective journaling in a way that makes sense and without feeling overwhelmed.


I’ve been journaling for decades and learned that it also builds self-confidence! You brought many great things back into my awareness of why I started journaling. I loved the experience of going through your workshop, it was very engaging and interacting.

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