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ASM Mentors - About Me

My name is Dr. Anitza San Miguel, and I am a certified coach, scientist, wife, mother, and God-fearing woman. My purpose in life is coaching female leaders towards discovering, developing, and maximizing their true potential.

As women, we sometimes break everything but the glass in our pursuit to do and be it all while raising a family and meeting the demands of daily life. The answer isn’t trying to balance everything. The key lies in finding harmony on the path to accomplishing what matters most.

Through one-on-one coaching, I work with female leaders like you who are committed to the journey of transformational growth and personal development. If you’re ready to unlock your highest potential, I’m here to serve and support you.

My Story

Growing up in Puerto Rico with parents who never attended college, I didn’t have many professional scientists in my life to look up to, but in my heart, I knew becoming a scientist was part of my grand search for meaning in life. When my middle school teacher proclaimed, “Science is fun!” I believed her, and my passion for science was born.

I dreamt of becoming a neurosurgeon, but God revealed a different path. With the support and guidance of many incredible mentors, I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, quickly rising to the top of my class and accepting an internship at the National Institutes of Health (NHI). I continued to follow my passion for science and obtained a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology from John Hopkins University.

 Though the formal education was rigorous, I found the personal growth and challenges along the way even more intense. As the only Latina in the group, I was constantly facing stereotypes and being met with skepticism that required me to continuously work to prove myself to others.

 I began teaching Biology, where I discovered that I was just as passionate about helping others grow as I was about being in the lab with cells, microscopes, and pipettes. With this realization that I could merge my love for science and education, I began pursuing my doctorate in Higher Education Administration while working full time. I was finally on the path to becoming aligned with my true passions in life.

 It wasn’t long before I found myself at home with my husband in the midst of a full-blown panic attack. In all of my efforts to break the glass ceiling pursuing grad school and facing mounting pressures at work, it hit me that I wasn’t as happy as I knew I could be.

 My life transitioned again as I left my full-time job to focus on school and my family. After the birth of my daughter, I obtained my doctorate and began work as a faculty member at Northern Virginia Community College. I found myself outside of my comfort zone, faced with surprising challenges and feeling like my professional life was upside down. I felt like an imposter.

It was at this moment that I made the decision to step back and evaluate. I accepted a new job in Florida and began my intentional growth journey. My purpose began to crystallize. I uncovered that what I truly love is adding value to the lives of others through assisting them in discovering, developing, and maximizing their true potential.

 Throughout my career, mentors and coaches have guided me and asked me the hard questions to heighten my awareness. Now, I’m here to serve you. I’m ready to coach in your journey to find the answers you seek. Your job does not define you. I’m so excited to see you grow! Are you ready?



I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Puerto Rico, a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University, and a doctorate in Higher Education Administration from George Washington University.

I also hold a certificate from The John Maxwell Team and am a certified coach, speaker, and trainer.

With a passion for continued education, I’ve participated in many leadership programs, including:

  • Leadership Osceola/Community Vision
  • Faculty and Administrators Leadership Academy, Virginia Community College System
  • Linton-Poodry SACNAS Leadership Institute
  • National Hispana Leadership Institute, Executive Leadership Program
  • Center for Creative Learning Leadership Development Program
  • Mujeres de HACE
  • National Community College Hispanic Council, Leadership Fellow Program

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